The life of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina

The life of Padre Pio da Pietrelcina.

(may 25th 1887) Francesco Forgione (Padre Pio) was born in Pietrelcina (Benevento), in the house on Vico Storto Valle. He was born to papà Grazio (1860-1946) and to mamma Maria Giuseppa.

(may 26th 1887) The following day, the new born “Francì” was brought to the small pretty church of Saint Ann’s where he was baptized by the curate bursar don Nicolantonio Orlando.
(1899) Francesco made his First Confession and his First Communion. Francesco followed the example of his parents and developed an intense spiritual life.

(september 27th 1899) He received his Confirmation at Pietrelcina in Saint Ann’s church by Monsignor Donato Maria Dell’Olio, archbishop of Benevento.

(1901) It was at Piana Romana that Francesco told his parents of his desire to consecrate himself to the Lord. Grazio Forgione was very happy for his son’s choice, but the financial resources that they possessed weren’t enough to maintain him at school, so he was forced to emigrate to America.

( january 1st 1903) On New Year’s Day Francesco had another vision which convinced him that his life would be a continuous battle with the Evil One.ù

(january 6th 1903) His entrance into the noviciate of the Capuchin convent of Morcone was fixed for the feast of the Epiphany. His mother, already sad for the loss of her three children, with her broken heart said to Francesco: “My son, at this moment don’t think of your mother’s pain…I feel as if my heart is being torn apart, but Saint Francis is calling you and you must go”.

(january 22th 1904) Francesco and the other boys were dressed with the Capuchin habit, while professing the simple vows.

(january 25th 1904) Three days after he had pronounced his first vows, Brother Pio left the convent of Morcone to go to the convent of Saint Elia of Pianisi to begin his high school studies and to study Philosophy.

(octeber 1905) His teacher was Father Benedetto of San Marco in Lamis who eventually became his confessor.

(january 27th 1907) Young Pio pronounced his final vows of poverty, chastity and obedience as a son of Saint Francis belonging to the Capuchin Order.

(october 1907) In order to study Moral Theology, Brother Pio was sent to the convent at Serracapriola under the guidance of Brother Agostino of San Marco in Lamis, who would become his friend, confessor and spiritual guide for all of his life.

(november 1908) Brother Pio and his companions went to the convent at Montefusco in order to continue their studies. During this time Brother Pio continued to have periods in which he was unable to maintain food and sometimes suffered with a severe cough that shook him and also a high fever. His superiors, after consulting with a doctor decided to send him home to Pietrelcina for cure.

(december 19th 1908) In spite of his bad health, Pio received the Minor Orders in the cathedral of Benevento and two days after became a sub-deacon.

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