Prayers to Padre Pio for Serenity

Saint Padre Pio: From Sadness To Serenity – Intercession and Supplication Prayer

Dear Saint Padre Pio,
Beginning now, I no longer feel depressed.

My sadness mood is cast out and replaced with your peace.

Tranquility permeates my being, soothing my emotions and filling my mind and heart with joyous serenity.

I accept your gift of peace.

I come to you, Dear Padre Pio, and my mood is lifted.

I fully accept your peaceful presence, and I feel calm.

This moment is holy, for in this moment, I enter into your spirit of peace.

Thank you, dear St. Pio, for helping me to elevate my mood.

Thank you Padre Pio for your priceless gift of peace. I will cherish it, and I promise to share it with others.

In Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

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